Varifocals are the best solution when more than one prescription is needed to correct your vision as they combine three prescriptions into one. Varifocals are designed to give you consistent and continuous clarity of focus across all distances with one single lens. Varifocals contain 3 different portions the top part is the distance which allows you to see things far and the second portion is inter media which allows you to see everything in between such as using the computer thirdly the bottom part is the reading portions which allows you to things closes up. All varifocals have a certain amount of inevitable peripheral distortion or soft focus outside the lens. This distortion can be migrated by using a higher quality and more advanced lenses. We offer 3 different type of progressive lenses



The standard lens offers a well balanced between far and near fields. This option will work out as a spare varifocals or back up pair. This varifocals form design which is makes it a basic progressive. This lens has been designed to make a standard varifocals which will provide wears with a balanced design with good performance.

Price starts from £59.99


Better is an upgrade from good because it has a wider near and far visual zone with sufficient balance between near and farsightness. This lens will provide you comfort and high precision as well as extra soft general purpose. This design offers minimum lateral astigmatism, delivering more natural vision, while at the same time preserving good visual fields for distance, intermediate and near.

Price starts from £149


This is not just a progressive lens with personalization in its prescription. Exact Digital Surfacing HD takes into account different visual aspects of your life, including more than 20 personalized options to offer you the best combinations to meet your visual needs to suit your dynamic and active lifestyle. Provides optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and activity, with special attention paid to comfortable sharp focus range which is needed for viewing today’s handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Exact Digital Surfacing offers up to a 20% wider reading area with full addition and a 20% wider intermediate area, thereby offering extra viewing comfort for digital devices and easy transitions between lens zones.

Prices starts from £179