Bifocal lenses

Here at vision comfort, we offer you different types of bifocal shapes and sizes. We also offer how you want your lenses to look like such as clear, tinted, transitions or polarized lenses.

The bifocal is known to have two points of vison within the lenses to accommodate a combination of any two different prescriptions into one lens. bifocals have two clearly defined areas with the top section begin for distance while the bottom section is usually for near vision requirements
This type of is easier to wear because rather than having two different types of frame you only need one.


The most popular bifocal lenses are the d28 bifocals which means the reading portion look like D shape. The D segment bifocals is the easit bifocal design for the wearer to adapt.

Price starts from £39.99


Round bifocals are normally located at the reading portion as they wear originally to help the wears to reach the reading area more efficiently. However, this reduces the amount of near vision

Price starts from £39.99